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Project Description
MVVMKit makes it easier to create WPF applications using the MVVM pattern.

MVVMKit is a lightweight library containing only what is absolutely necessary to get you started creating WPF applications using the MVVM pattern.
The library is a collection of base classes, helpers and utilities that facilitate the creation of view models, communication between them and state management in the view models. The project started as a way to create generic and reusable components that help WPF projects get started quickly.

Included with the source code is a sample application that is meant to show some of the features included in the library and provide examples to get you started on creating your own applications.

New Release : Dec 27, 2010
A new release of MVVMKit is available for download. It contains a more refined version of the framework with simplified architecture, re-designed classes for consistency, new examples added to the demo application and API documentation built with Sandcastle.

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